2014 Art Competition Winners

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EcoHealth 2014 Conference Art Competition Showcase

First Prize


Pigeons (l’habit ne fair pas le moine) by Rafaela Lopez


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Artist Statement

Pigeons (l’habit de fait pas le moine) shows the deviations that could provide a non-ecological world. Beautiful tropical birds lost their flamboyant colors. The colorful dresses of those birds become grey as the well known sad pigeons. The installation also speaks of a perspective between different cultures and offers a reflection on the vision that we have of each other. The exoticism is a concept that depends of where you are.

Artist Biography

Rafaela Lopez is born in 1988 in Paris. She lives and works in London. In 2009, she studied at the Arts Décoratifs in Paris, in 2013, she graduated of the art school of the Villa Arson (Nice) and now, she continues her studies in the sculpture department of the Royal College of Art (London). She participated at many exhibitions as the Salon de Montrouge (curated by Stéphane Corréard, Le Befrroi, France) Heart of Darkness (curated by Julien Bouillon and Richard Wentworth, Art Centre of the Villa Arson, Nice), Les Corps Compéents (curated by Arnaud Labelle-Rojoux, CNAC, France)… She also has a curating practice which think about how to show art out of his white cube context and in relationship with the local pouplation : in 2012, she curated the exhibition Eté Indien in the Highschool François Villon (Paris) and in 2014, the performanceSculpture Synchronisée (Synchronized Sculpture), a sculpture competition in swimming pool where the sculptures were activated in the water by synchronized swimmers (Nice, in collaboration with the Villa Arson and the HEAD-Ge­neva). In 2014, her work has been shown in the window of the Paul Smith’s shop (Covent Garden) and the video of Sculpture Synchronisée will be screen at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris.

Artist Contact Information

Website: www.rafaelalopez.net/

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Second Prize


The Evocative Story of Our Earth by Jesus Ramos Tejada


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Artist Statement

Ever since the world begun, things that people are using are all barrowed and it takes a huge responsibility to maintain its richness beyond age and society’s situation what ever it may occur. We people cant deny the fact that somehow someway, these things may come to vanish. These things will never be ours again, that’s why while life continues to give us reasons to be educated and resourceful to our Earth as our temporary home here. We, people were given the chance to work for our own responsibility to protect and save our dying world while we are celebrating its abundant wonders, from water to air to land. IAEH Misssion to strive for the sustainable health, wildlife and ecosystems, my cover design is a manifestation of my vivid imagination on what our world has to offer, of what our Earth has to offer in the near future. My cover design is a visual presentation of my own interpretation of IAEH mission, not just to awaken the society’s awareness about our ecosystems and its wildlife but to uplift the spirit of society’s emotional and mental abilities for a strong and firm support to our home… The Earth.


Artist Biography

Resourceful and imaginative teaching professional highly trained in a wide array of artistic medium. Talented for instilling children’s art education and art appreciation and promoting creativity and open-mindedness. Proven ability to maintain a well- disciplined and highly motivated classroom. Offer individualized support and provide positive encouragement to ensure that each child succeeds. Art educator with outstanding communications and interpersonal skills to cultivate and sustain strong relationships within the school community. With a huge background in teaching students in elementary secondary school the practical skills, theory and history of art; giving students tuition in aspects such as painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, sculpture and ceramics.


Artist Contact Information

Website: www.be.net/clickitonce


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Third Prize


Organic by Chia Hui Hou


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Artist Biography

Neeraj Riddlan obtained a BFA from Delhi College in 2002. He currently works as the Senior Digital Illustrator in TERI. He uses various styles in his artwork ranging from polished digital images, to caricatures, to comics. You may find other works including professional and freelance pieces on his website listed below.


Artist Contact Information

Website: http://neerajriddlan.blogspot.com/

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