EcoHealth Action on Climate Change

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EcoHealth Action on Climate Change

The EcoHealth2014 conference statement is a call to the ecohealth community to take practical, hopeful action and its appendices are intended to be stepping stones for fostering integrated action. Whether global environmental change is a primary focus or an overarching factor impacting the social-ecological contexts of life and work, it is a shared issue of wide ranging relevance to the ecohealth community.

The appendices of the conference statement invite you to use and contribute along two pathways. These two “pathways” are intended to foster the sharing of knowledge and experience ranging from researchers and decisions-makers through to health professionals, community activists and environmental stewards across diverse cultures, both at the EcoHealth 2014 conference and beyond. In the best of all worlds, the first pathway will help us to see and seize opportunities to work together and the second will provide rich resources to make that joint work the best it can be. In the ensuing months and years they will provide a platform for the engagement of individuals, organizations, governments and others in finding solutions around the globe and across generations.

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First Pathway- Gallery of Actions
The first pathway begins with an invitation to enjoy as well as contribute your own projects to a Gallery of Actions. This gallery profiles projects of the ecohealth community working at the nexus of climate change and the health of humans, animals and others species

View the Gallery of Actions here
To submit to the Gallery please e-mail

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Second Pathway- Resources for Integrative Understanding
The second pathway begins with an invitation to use and contribute to a carefully selected set of resource assembled to inspire and inform integrative understanding of the relationships between health and ecological and societal dynamics of climate change. Literature focusing on integration can be a powerful educational and practical resource for those working on and fostering the adoption of an integrative approach.

View Resources for Integrative Understanding here.

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