2010 Art Competition Winners

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EcoHealth 2010 Conference Art Competition Showcase


First Prize


Spring Has Gone by Aram L. Kim

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Artist Statement

When I was attending elementary school as a kid, I used to learn that Korea has four distinctive seasons; spring, summer, fall and winter. It is same to New York, too, where I live right now. Since I don’t remember when, however, transitional seasons like spring and fall have been getting shorter and shorter. When I ask people around, spring and fall are many people’s favorite seasons for their gentleness, calmness and their beauty. For me, especially spring, when everything is back to life again after long, cold winter is just amazing. However, I began to feel that it is very hard to say when the spring is any more. Winter lasts longer and longer, and finally when I do not need winter coat, all of a sudden it is summer, which lasts until winter starts again.

Unusual weather phenomena have been happening for years now all over the world and this summer I see people get sick because of the extreme temperature difference between indoors and outdoors due to severe summer heat and excessive usage of Air Conditioning. It all makes me very concerned that weather is actually changing and people still act according to their own comfort. I made this piece wishing that we do not need to tell our children that we only have two distinctive seasons. Spring Has Gone, the title, is the right opposite statement that I wish to carry.

Artist Biography

Born in Ohio, Aram L. Kim grew up mostly in S.Korea until she came to New York to attend School of Visual Arts and go on living as a freelance illustrator after graduation. Her art has been shown in several galleries in New York and published in various magazines covering from economics to children’s stories. She is now working on illustrated books to be published soon.

Artist Contact Information

Website: www.AramKim.com

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Second Prize


by Weston Woolley

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Artist Statement

In 2009, a temporary “park” opened on the East River waterfront in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Through the help of private citizens, local businesses and the support of the public parks committee, Woolley mounted a group of eco-friendly art panels that advertised nature to this public area which housed no plants or trees.


Artist Biography

Weston Woolley, 31, was born in Jacksonville, North Carolina. As an adult he moved to New York and Los Angeles, experiencing urban life in all its glory and detriment, discovering and pursuing his passion for visual art. Though Weston prefers oil painting, he embraces all media. When asked what drives him to continue to pursue a life in art he responds, ” We all live in a creative universe. I truly believe when we tap into that source, our lives become enriched and aligned. Simply, it makes me happy.”


Artist Contact Information

Website: www.westonwoolley.com

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Third Prize


Need Oxygen by Neeraj Riddlan

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Artist Biography

Neeraj Riddlan obtained a BFA from Delhi College in 2002. He currently works as the Senior Digital Illustrator in TERI. He uses various styles in his artwork ranging from polished digital images, to caricatures, to comics. You may find other works including professional and freelance pieces on his website listed below.


Artist Contact Information

Website: http://neerajriddlan.blogspot.com/

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