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The International Association for Ecology and Health, in short EcoHealth, is a scholarly organization with members from all continents. EcoHealth is committed to fostering the health of humans, animals and ecosystems and to conducting research which recognizes the inextricable linkages between the health of all species and their environments. A basic tenet held is that health and wellbeing cannot be sustained in a resource depleted, polluted and socially unstable planet. This is why EcoHealth scholars and practitioners engage in integrated systemic approaches to health that sustain ecosystem health services, foster social stability and promote the peaceful coexistence of humans, animals and their environments.

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Call for Nominations: Ecohealth Awards

[28 January 2016] Nominations are open for the 2014 EcoHealth Career Awards! The two awards to be nominated and selected for announcement at the 6th Biennial IAEH Conference in Melbourne, Australia include: Outstanding Contribution to the Field of EcoHealth & Exceptional Early Career Contribution to the Field of EcoHealth. Nomination package should be sent to secretariat@ecohealth.net.  For more information, download the announcement here.

LEWC Health Report Card Published

[28 January 2016] Living with Environmental Change is a network of 20 UK public-sector organizations that fund, carry out and use environmental research. This LWEC report card summarizes the latest scientific evidence and understanding of how climate change may affect the health of the UK population. It has been designed to make it easier to understand the nature of the possible changes and to help inform decisions that will protect our wellbeing.

Click here to read the report card.

New Blog: Biodiversity and Disease Emergence [21 January 2016] Click here to read the latest blog post by IAEH Secretariat, Alessandra Nava, on a Brazil case study.

New Blog: Advancing Ecohealth in Southeast Asia [06 January 2016] Click here to read the latest blog post by Steven Lam’s on the Field Building Leadership Initiative’s (FBLI’s) work in Asia.

Biodiversity Convention: Biodiversity & Human Health, Well-being

[6 January 2016] The two following publications related to biodiversity and health were showcased during the SBSTTA meeting:

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EcoHealth Art Competition

The IAEH Ecohealth Art Competition runs prior to the IAEH biennial conferences. The artists communicate a wide range of subjects and emotions related to environmental change, society, health and well-being. See the full portfolio of past winners and honorable mentions here. The call for the 2016 competition is published!

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