Oceania Chapter

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Important Announcement!

Oceania EcoHealth Chapter: Co Creation Stream at the One Health EcoHealth Congress (December 3-7-,2016).
The Oceania Chapter will be hosting an eco-social program at the One Health EcoHealth 2016 Congress to explore and celebrate the people and places around the Venue. Find out more information here.

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Oceania Chapter

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Contact us at oceania@ecohealth.net

The Oceania EcoHealth Chapter was formed in 2012 at the 4th Biennial EcoHealth Conference in Kunming (China) when delegates recognized that a gap in representation existed and mechanisms were required to further the mission of IAEH in the Oceania region. In 2013, the inaugural Oceania Ecohealth Symposium was held in Melbourne (Australia) to discuss the development of the Chapter.


This meeting led to  an MOU between the Oceania EcoHealth Chapter and IAEH. The MOU emphasized that the Chapter will consult, engage and reflect cultural perspectives of its members, convey the latest development of IAEH, stimulate discussion and represent local viewpoints. In 2014, Chapter members ran a workshop at the 5th Biennial EcoHealth Conference in Montreal (Canada) and coordinated presentations and a social gathering at the IUCN World Park Congress at Sydney (Australia).


Collectivity in diversity is our challenge and our strength as we work to enhance regional understandings of the interdependence of people and environments for sustainable futures. Leadership in Indigenous approaches, jointly with health, social and environmental equity, is central to what we are working to achieve.


Recently, key projects have included the development of academic and non-academic publications and webinar series, advance planning for future workshops and place-based learning opportunities and an updated  MOU to represent the region  at the upcoming One Health/Ecohealth 2016 Conference in Melbourne, Australia.

Read more about Oceania:

Healthy Parks, Healthy People– the state of the evidence 2015 (Parks Victoria)

Exploring Ecosystems and Health by Shifting to a Regional Focus: Perspectives from the Oceania EcoHealth Chapter (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health)


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